Nov 122013
Cloud Player für Linux

Store music in the cloud is a great thing. Space there is massive, even for free. For the favorite operating system you need now only a useful software that summarizes as much as possible  accounts to access quickly and easily a big amount of music.

Cloud Musik audio player in new version

Cloud Musik audio player in new version

The Nuvolaplayer is for Linux is a good choice. What I like, for example, is the automatic download of lyrics, and compatibility with many cloud services.

Cloud Musik from audio player everywhere

Nuvolaplayer handles Google Play Music, Amazon Cloud Player, 8tracks, Grooveshark, Hype Machine, Pandora, Rido. For example, Google Play offers the ability to manage up to 20 000 titles and the upload is free too.

Install Nuvolaplayer in Ubuntu

Although the developer of the cloud music player has stopped working, the player is still available for Ubuntu 13:10 Saucy, 13:04 Ubuntu, Ubuntu 12.04 via a PPA. Who already tried several times after an operating system update to install the Cloud Player, got a surprise. Despite correct installation steps not much happened. And in fact, its only working the “unstable” ppa Whether in the future it works with a stable thing. For me, the unstable works, installation and functions of the  Nuvolaplayer itself were correctly and without crashing.

The audio player supports multiple providers

The audio player supports multiple providers

Who wants to use the popular cloud player and is not afraid of the unstable ppa can simply enter the following commands in a terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nuvola-player-builders/unstable

Then update the database with the command:

sudo apt-get update

Then simply install the player along with optional flash plugin with the following command.

sudo apt-get install nuvolaplayer nuvolaplayer-flashplugin

ıllıllı Of course there are web things for cloud music providers. However, rarely is the ability to access multiple providers in a short time and so on as much music as possible. Maybe a reader of the blog knows a good alternative for a player that supports multiple cloud providers? I’m Very open to suggestions. ıllıllı

Nov 052013
Gimp 2.9

The Gimp people like to skip a version number of the known linux photo editor. Who wants to test the development version 2.9, can now have a look at the features of the 2.10 version.

GEGL / high bit depth 16 bit and Warp Transformtool

foto editor in version 2.9.1

Gimp foto editor in build 2.9.1

The major new feature in version 2.10 of the photo software is the complete support of GEGL / high bit depths. This means that finally 16bit and 32bit per color channel, both integer and floating support. This feature in the 2.9 is already active and can be tested. The new Warp Transform Tool also makes a very passable impression to me. The icon in the toolbar is like a spiral. It’s fun, so to correct images or just to beautify faces beyond recognition ;).

Install GIMP 2.9 (development build) in Ubuntu

Thorsten Stettin has created a new PPA for Ubuntu / Linux Mint users who want to use the latest GIMP 2.9 development builds. Version 2.9 is not officially stable version (for me it currently runs without limitations), to be published but can be fully utilized. Recommended such a limited version for production use. In the worst case, this installation could endanger the system. So here’s just a little warning to completion.

To install GIMP 2.9 in Ubuntu 14.04, 13.10 or 13.04, use the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp-edge
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gimp

Back to the roots

If you want to go back to the stable GIMP version (purge the GIMP 2.9 development builds PPA and downgrade GIMP), use the following commands:
sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
sudo ppa-purge ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp-edge
Nov 022013
Blender 2.9

After three release candidates, the stable version of Blender 2.69 is now available for download. Blender 3D still relies more on GPU-assisted rendering, and has expanded its Cycles renderer optimized for it.

In addition to many new features over 270 bugs have been fixed in accordance with the previous developers. Similarly, the Sky-rendering has been improved so that users can simulate a creative yet enjoyable atmosphere.

Never run a changing 3D software?

3D software in newer version

3D software in newer version

Or was it the other way around ;). Well anyway, the Blender Guys think about users who will not want to install every few months a new version of Blender, but still want to benefit from bug fixes. So blender updates are now comparable to the Ubuntu updates a little bit. We will get Blender versions with the latest features and others with a kind of Longtime support for users who deal more with 3D rendering, then with updates and relearning new operations and possibilities .

With version 2.9 of the 3D program an improved import of FBX file format is now possible. Although is for animation for import not possible. In addition, the export in FBX format was expanded.

Blender realistic below the surface

3D Software

Subsurface scattering brings a more realistic design

Realistic surfaces were never a weak point in the 3D renderer. But you know, it’s always better. The so-called subsurface scattering calculated the light scattering. Within a surface of an object and generates the current issue of the 3D renderer using newer algorithms improved results.

With a little style from my blender

The rendering of hair has been simplified to use and fitted with improved effects. E.G. you can develop a realistic impression through reflective and translucent elements, which are realized through its own shader.

Cuts through everything!

Another interesting feature is the mesh bisection. Here, the body can be easily divided. The gaps that arise Blender simply filled with the surrounding data. Just around the properties of a workpiece to explain, maybe for industrial applications, this feature might be interesting.

Blender 2.9_2.jpg

The 3D software can more easily deal with hairs – Ok Tux, of course, has feathers;)

Here you can read the details of the new features. Or even better. You install it and start today with creative 3D design!

Blender continues to run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and is available in version 2.69 for download.

ıllıllı For many applications, the 3D software Blender is now at eye level with commercial software. Also, the operation and performance are on the right track.ıllıllı

Oct 312013

Since May this year, Lightworks for Linux can be tested by registered beta users. Anyway, the beta 11.1h, under Ubuntu 13:10 is very stable even with me. In the next few weeks, the public beta appears.

In December Lightworks for Linux 11.5 comes out along with the version of Windows. The MAC OS version programming is still in progress.

Lightworks 11.5 for linux

Einige der neuen Features für Lightworks 11.5 sind:

Lightworks Video Software für Linux

Lightworks 11.1H für Linux

Some of the new features are:
> AJA hardware I / O support
> Significant improvements sync group, including an automatically generated editing capability
> Direct youtube export out of the box
> Background export, so that users can continue working while running two edits / clips at the same time
> Screen Capture Recording
> Improvements to the user interface, including context menu

The new version is coming out as i said in december. The public beta of 11.5 should come out even in the next “few weeks”. It would if all goes well. Editshare comes to punctuality comparable to the GERMAN RAILWAY (Deutsche Bahn). So we aren’t in ever good hope ;).

Lightworks for linux download

If you want to test Lightworks for linux, you can sign up as a beta tester on and download the. Deb file or click here to downloadit  now. there is a need to sign up anyway.

Lightworks is no lightweight for casual users. Therefore it is recommended to download and use some information to inform yourselve. The manual and the current Windows version you can find in the download section of EditShare.

Working like a professional

ıllıllı Hollywood for free. With Lightworks many blockbusters were cutted in the recent years. Who wants to try out this professional video editor, is invited to integrate the video software in their  workflow. More on that later.ıllıllı

Oct 292013
Cinelerra Linux Video Editor

The estimated from semi to professional users Linux Video Editor Cinelerra is now available in version 4.5. The annual update brings like the latest version 4.4 improvements in speed and stability.

Keyframe transfer between audio and video

Besides, the programmers have improved the communication between audio tracks and video tracks using keyframes. Original sound: “Ability to transfer keyframes between audio and video tracks. “.The audio quality should be increased with speed changes of the video.

Install and download Cinelerra 4.5

Die aktuell downloadbare Variante ist der source code von Cinelerra 4.5. Diese kann auf der source forge Seite runtergeladen werden. Diese muss für die eigene Linux Version kompiliert werden. Eine .DEB für Ubuntu /Debian / Mint zum installieren von Cinelerra 4.5 gibt es hier. Einfach zuerst die Data und dann das passende Hauptprogramm installieren.

The current downloadable version is the source code of Cinelerra 4.5. This can be downloaded on the sourceforge page and can be compiled to all versions of Linux. A .DEB file for Ubuntu / Debian / Mint for easy installing Cinelerra 4.5 you can find here.

Cinelerra Features

Cinelerra 4.5 Linux Video Editor

Cinelerra 4.5 with Ubuntu

A few features and parameters of Cinelerra are listed here:


Viele Effekte sind schon ersichtlich, ohne das Video vor rendern zu müssen.


Cinelerra supports OpenGL on some NVidia graphics cards, which accelerate the playback and real-time rendering.


Cinelerra supports codecs to import a large amount of video and audio. Most formats can be edited directly from the DVD, Blu-ray or original file, without transcoding. H.264 MPEG4 video + audio with Quicktime Container is the default export format.


For most applications, a modern computers is ok. To realize large projects faster, more computer systems come in a render farm quickly to the desired result.

Linux Video Editor not for everyone

ıllıllı Cinelerra is not a video editor too quickly edit a video. This job can better do less complicated programs such as openshot or Kdenlive. The strengths of Cinelerra are certainly the very extensive detail controllable effects such as mask, blue screen, etc. With these you can realize many interesting projects. Currently still my favorite editor, although I still like more the beta of Lightworks 11.1h. More on this later.ıllıllı

Aug 062013
Insync Cloud Client

Does you already use Insync? The amount of good and affordable cloud solutions is growing steadily. A major supplier is certainly Gdrive from Google. Here, the user is allowed to share 15 GB with its PCs and other devices such as smartphones or tablets. For linux lacked a comfortable Syncro client. With the current version of Insync, the situation has changed dramatically.
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Oct 132012

It certainly can not be said that for Linux there is no easy-to-use and functional video software. Kdenlive and OpenShot for example, are members of this genus. But what about the professional segment? Do you know professional Linux video software to cover the (post) production workflow? Lightworks for Linux is approaching the public testing. So the cards in professional video editing with Linux and open source will be reshuffled soon.

Red Shark attack – Video Software bites and beats

Later this month the first test version of Editshares Lightworks will be shown, which runs on Linux boxes. Shortly thereafter, the Mac version will follow. The video software has a great tradition in the video section and is still involved in the post-production of famous Hollywood movies. What is Blender 3D for professional Renderers, the Lightworks could be for professional video editors on Linux. When the source code finds its way to the community is still unclear.

Lightworks – changes for Linux

Lightworks Video Software, Video Editor

First pictures of Lightworks on Ubuntu

About 95% of the original code has been found the way to the Linux version. The rest consists significant adjustments to the open source operating system. For example, the GPU accelerated effects and video output using Directx on Windows was replaced by OpenGL. The implementation of an efficient multi-threading was one of the hurdles that had to be taken.

EditShare is increasing its activities

In early October EditShare has established with a news page with the latest information for professional visualization. In the name of Lucy, the red Lightworks mascots, there are quite a lot of informative articles. This benefits not only according to data from EditShare, almost 400 000 users of the professional video software. A good tip for video enthusiasts and techies.

Lightworks – Cross Platform Video Editor with future

Lightworks Video Software, Video Editor

Not only steven spielberg loves it

ıllıllı Even the known video software with professional ambitions Cinelerra includes many effects and functions but it has also clear limits. Moreover, the update policy of Heroine Virtual Ltd.. does  also not look better. From the Cinelerra-Fork Lumiera long time nothing could be heard too.

It is expected that Lightworks goes another way. By the impending availability on multiple platforms video data could  to be exchanged and processesed in heterogeneous environment structures .

I think LightWorks will be the best Linux Video editor for the final touch in professional video workflow.

Even though EditShare with the Pro version followed commercial goals, the marketing will surely benefit the community variant with updates and stability. Lightworks will help to spread Linux as a professional video editing platform. As a Linux beta testers I’m looking forward to the end of October and i hope that the Editshare is doing their homework well to give us a stable Linux version. Because especially for video production in addition to the main features, stability and speed are important, right? ıllıllı

Oct 062012

A small change in version number after the decimal point, a big step for the professional 3D renderer. The current version of Blender benefits from some new opportunities in the areas of video and film technology. Next, there were a few updates to the GPU supported Cycles engine. But the modeling of 3D objects has been extended too.

Blender 3D Software,3D Renderer

Current Blender movie Tears of Steel

Current Blender film Tears of Steel! has improved the 3D software Blender strongly. Many new features were added in this release, as well as many fixes to previous bugs have made it into the current version of Blender. According to the developers, the focus this time was on the realization of a complete VFX pipeline with improved motion tracking, a planar tracker, better green screen keying and a new mask editor.

What’s new in Blender 2.64?

Cycles rendering received many smaller features and improvements for the use and in the engine area.

Sculpting now supports masks, and a skin modifier was added to quickly pull over a model of skeletons with a surface. The game engine was improved with better shadows and physics options and Collada export now has more options for export to other game engines.

Masks can now be created in the image and video editor, used in compositing and animation works also. The motion tracking is pleased with finer control and standardization of operation.

A few improvements, the game engine has gotten. There were as mentioned, a couple of updates in the field of light and shadow effects.

With more Multithreading the Cycles renderer has been improved. Moreover, the so-called Fisheye camera rendering is supported.

All the highlights of the new Blender version shows the complete changelog.

Blender 2.64 can be downloaded here for all current systems.

Tears of 3D software competitors

ıllıllı For many applications, the 3D software Blender is now on par with commercial software. When the development continues in this way, we can look forward to see the first full-length film created entirely with Blender and Open Source. ıllıllı

Oct 012012

Linux users are always happy for useful video software. The Video Editor OpenShot shines even more by a neat, simple user interface and a workflow as smooth as possible. With the seemingly soon OpenShot 1.4.3 are some innovations in the pipeline.

However, any help with linguistic skills is needed to provide the video software to a wider audience.

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Sep 262012

What can cause, when someone chooses the wrong partner, in the current film of the Blender Open Movie project is shown. Unlike the previous productions of the project Tears of Steel is not pure 3D animation.

Here blend live action and 3D scene, thus bringing glory of the meaning of the 3D software.

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